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The Reproductive Specialty Center specializes in Endocrine and Infertility Treatment, Reproductive Surgery and Advanced Laparoscopic and Laser Surgery. The center is dedicated to the highest level of expert care for women in all phases of their reproductive and post-reproductive lives.

Fertility treatments include all aspects of assisted reproduction and in vitro fertilization (IVF, GIFT, ZIFT, ICSI),donor oocytes, surrogacy, and male factor.

The doctors at RSC were the first in the world to perform microsurgical tubal anastomosis by laparoscopy in 1992. As pioneers of laparoscopic microsurgery, all infertility surgery is now performed via laparoscopy or microlaparoscopy. These include tubal anastomosis (sterilization reversal), neosalpingostomy (hydrosalpinx), adhesiolysis (adhesions), ovarian cystectomy, and myomectomy (fibroids) and other fertility promoting procedures.

The center specializes in advanced laparoscopic laser surgery for radical excision of advanced endometriosis (including involvement of bowel, ureter, bladder, cul de sac), hysterectomy, freeing adhesions from multiple previous laparotomy, and pelvic reconstruction for prolapse, cystocele and stress incontinence.

As leaders of advanced laparoscopic surgery, they lecture worldwide and create innovative techniques for furthering the art of laparoscopy (minimally invasive, minimal access, keyhole surgery). Dr. Koh invented a unique technique( KOH total laparoscopic hysterectomy ) and instrument for enabling almost all hysterectomies to be performed by laparoscopy.

While Milwaukee is the primary treatment center for patients nationwide and internationally, Dr. Koh also performs surgeries in Singapore and Hong Kong.




  • Dr. Charles H. Koh
    Dr. Koh specializes in advanced laparoscopic surgery and has created many innovations and techniques to further the field...
  • Dr. Douglas Dewire
    Dr. Dewire is a graduate of the Indiana University School of Medicine. His postgraduate residency work in Urology was done at the Medical College of Wisconsin, and his Fellowship in Male Infertility was done at the Cleveland Clinic...

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